Practice areas

Intellectual Property:

For more than 20 years the founder of the firm – Mrs. Kociánová – has assisted companies and individuals seeking to protect, develop and defend their intangible assets in the Czech Republic, in Europe and throughout the world.

KOCIANOVA law firm provides innovative, practical advice to identify, manage and protect your IP assets, responding to piracy and counterfeiting. KOCIANOVA law firm helps clients establish, maintain and enforce IP rights on a global basis, advising on practical and strategic ways to work within local, regional and international registration regimes.

IP Services:

  • Securing of trademark rights globally
  • Securing of design rights globally
  • Patent disputes
  • Copyright
  • Legal services and support in unfair competition
  • Drafting and registration of licenses
  • Providing of searches
  • Securing of domain names globally
  • Litigation

Commercial Law:

KOCIANOVA law firm understands the importance of the laws surrounding the sale and after-sales. KOCIANOVA law firm works with each client individually to tackle the legal issues in the context of the business environment and adopts an approach that supports the client´s long-term strategy, minimizing the risk of disputes and protecting against other legal claims. KOCIANOVA law firm has extensive experience across all industries and service sectors, including pharmaceuticals, food and cosmetics, fashion and luxury products so as other products and services.


KOCIANOVA law firm has a reputation in litigation for achieving both litigation and arbitration successes and has experience needed to handle ground-breaking cases concerning complicated structures and products. KOCIANOVA law firm brings a wealth of experience, having worked with many large companies in the region, defending and prosecuting high profile cases and will help you to avoid litigation where possible.

Pharmaceutical Law:

Pharmaceutical laws, regulations and directions change quickly and frequently — and sometimes dramatically. Understanding and mastering the nuances of this dynamic environment is a constant challenge. In connection with protection of IP in pharma industry, KOCIANOVA law firm provides complex services in this area.

Unfair Competition and Advertising:

Unfair competition and strict requirements of the law on advertising – daily trouble makers connecting intellectual property, commercial law and pharmaceutical law. KOCIANOVA Law Firm can advise you how to prevent from violating the law and protect your business interests.

Mediation Services:

Mediation services offered as an alternative way (saving finances and time) of solving disputes.

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